Arrival Day in Delhi

Delhi, India

View from room at The Shelton, a hostel in Delhi

So, got in a few hours ago, after almost 24 hours of flying and airports. It’s been a long few days. My group seems really, really cool, which is awesome. Flights were long and uneventful. First time really flying over the entire Pacific, which was weird.

Anyway, it is nuts here! The roads are like NOTHING you would ever see in America, I mean there is no comparison – just chaos, all kinds of vehicles, cows in the road, people everywhere, nonstop honking, and it’s almost like there’s no real traffic rules, just everyone driving every which way, on bikes, rickshaws, buses, cabs, cars, motorcycles, in a mass of just chaos. Actually the cab ride from the airport to where we’re staying was pretty exhilarating. Crossing the street though, that’s terrifying!

I am a bit freaked out and overwhelmed, but all in all, it’s going okay. We all got here in one piece, got to where we were going, had some good Indian food for dinner and wandered to find this internet cafe.

So, that’s all for now. More later.


2 thoughts on “Arrival Day in Delhi

  1. Welcome to India.It might take you a few days to get used to the chaos. Keep us updated about your further exploits in here.Luyten’s Delhi is a monument unto itself, and unlike any other city in the world. Don’t miss the sights. Old Delhi too has its surprises. I hope you have time for both. Good luck.

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