The Big Move

PdxtripOct2009 048-2Fax From the Future: (First off, BTW that is going to be my catchphrase for whenever my current 2015 self wants to interject some thoughts into these old posts from much longer ago. This one was from September 2009. And the catchphrase is a reference to The Office) It is so weird to look back on this now. I have such a clear memory of walking into my first class. It was a night class, and it was still light out when I walked in, not knowing a single person or if I would be any good at science, kinda waiting for someone to tell me I shouldn’t be there b/c of my eyesight, and having all this excitement and fear. I had never gone to a school with such big classes and just had no idea what to expect. I remember I walked in listening to my iPod Classic (still have it, what else could accommodate my massive music collection?) and Radiohead’s “No Surprises” was playing as I walked into Hoffman Hall. It was the beginning of a really amazing time of my life that is still going on.  Anyway, on to the real post:

So, the last week or two was like a whirlwind, but I am here, live, writing to you from my campus computer lab. Should get internet hooked up at home tomorrow.

Speaking of home, I moved into my new apartment on Saturday and it is cool. It is small, definitely smaller than my apartment on Orcas (and way more expensive), but it will totally work. I am on the top floor, which means it’s pretty warm, but I can leave my windows open without worry, and there’s a fan, and I never have to hear anyone else’s noise, just inflict mine on others, lol.

The kitchen is a closet literally, it folds out and there is a lot of shelf room, and the fridge is a mini and the oven looks like it was built for a midget, but I’m going to make it work for me. I am such a natural nester that I’ve already set it up and organized things. I have TONS of closet space. As one of the people who helped move me in said, I have more closets in my apartment than he does in his house! So that is helping with organization and all that. And one of the closets has a full length mirror on the door! That is cool.

Aside from that, it’s a cool place. The building is pretty old, the elevator is literally the same kind they have in India – very old, which made moving in kinda interesting. It is nice to have a new home though, and to not have to worry about sharing with a stranger. I am loving setting it up and have almost everything unpacked already. I have to say, I am really, really psyched about my place.

Also the location is AWESOME. I am so close to campus that my building is within the campus map. It’s two blocks from where I will have my lab class. I’m within walking distance of Powell’s bookstore, about a block from the main Portland library, close to the farmer’s market (which is actually on campus) and feel really centrally located. It is definitely downtown living, very different from Orcas life. The noise outside never stops, but I can sleep through anything, so it’s cool. The best part is that even though I am downtown I actually have a great tree-filled view! That just makes my heart happy.

I am very thankful to everyone who helped me move – to Heather for arranging it, Joe for driving and getting helpers, Heather, Rob, Eli, Ezekiel and Trish for helping load the car, Trish for getting the rest of stuff out of my storage, Joe for getting help unloading, Kelly for letting me crash in her basement again for the few nights after I arrived and before I could move in, Joe, Harry, Tracy and David for helping move all the stuff in on the rustic elevator. I could not have done it alone.

In other news, classes start today. I will have my first class in a few hours. I’m excited and intimidated by it all, but in the last few days I have gotten so much done, aside from moving. I went to several new student seminars, navigated around campus, registered and got set up with the Disability Resource Center, got my bus pass and student ID, paid tuition with student loans, bought my textbook (which if I haven’t said already, is 1300 pages! The study guide alone is over 400), set up my student online account. It feels like the opposite of last time I was here, where for the first few days I was overwhelmed and freaked out, having that off-island culture shock. I felt none of that this time. I woke up the first morning I was here and got myself on a bus to school to go attend a seminar of great personal academic interest (Fax from the Future: It was a pre-med info session, but at the time that I originally wrote this post, I had not fessed up to that interest to anyone aside from two close friends). I just felt like I was rockin’ it. I guess I was very ready to leave Orcas.

Somehow in the middle of that I also managed to see David Cross and Pearl Jam. Know what else I have seen? A lot of blind and disabled people. It’s awesome. I swear I have hardly ridden the bus without that experience. And the other day I was walking from campus to a bus stop and was walking behind this guy and I suddenly saw he was walking with a cane, as in the blind long white cane. And on the bus the other day I met someone else with albinism. I also saw a girl today in the Disability Resource Center who is taking Anatomy & Physiology, which was very inspiring to see. I need to believe that I can do science stuff despite my eyesight, b/c I get scared and have doubts sometimes.

There is a lot of diversity here in general – people speaking other languages, from all kinds of cultures, and I’m psyched by the wide array of student clubs. There are so many that just reflect a hugely diverse student body. There is even an Atheists and Agnostics Forum! Right on!

Well I am off to go find my way to my classes so I don’t get lost later and get to class late. Just wanted to give everyone the update! Will update my contact info on Facebook in a minute.


2 thoughts on “The Big Move

    • Very cool!

      I only ended up living there for about six months. It was a great location, and the apt had a lot of closet space (still miss that) but it had a lot of problems as I discovered over time. Plumbing problems mostly, which is kind of a big deal. And the heat was controlled by the bldg, you couldn’t turn it up or down, or off and so in winter my place was a total sauna since I was on the top floor. It was really bad.

      So after my original lease was up I moved a little farther out and got a bigger place for less money (but it has very little closet space). It’s still a really short commute to campus/downtown Portland though.


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