My Face

I can’t read the nuances of faces but mine is a direct display of every undulation in my emotional current. My face is a one-way mirror.

Still, others often don’t see my personal, particular face.

People sometimes asked if my albino friend and I were twins. We were nine years apart and my face was longer, drawn while hers was rounder, more full. Worse yet, at an albinism conference, my dad came up to the girl next to me and told her it was time to go, mistaking her for me.

My face is at once expressive, transparent and invisible.


This is from a class I took called Personal Essay Writing. The assignment was to write about your face in EXACTLY 100 words. No more, no less. It led to a lot of obsessive editing.

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~Emilia J.

3 thoughts on “My Face

  1. Interesting take on your face. Your father might mistake you for another, but to me you are–you. And always will be. Welcome to the wonderful woolly wild web world. Peace…

  2. I love your photo! The last line about your face is interesting to me. I think as we age we become more invisible.

  3. Thanks for the comments both of you! Really interesting thought, Heather, and I’m going to think about that more. And thanks, Linda, that really makes me :)

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