Awesomely Creative Fan-Made Breaking Bad Media

…that really freakin’ rocks.

Okay, I HAVE to start with this one because it’s just too cool. Someone made all these Breaking Bad scenes out of Legos. Most of them focus on the dearly departed meth superlab, but the RV is also there. There’s Walt and Jesse in their meth-making cook suits, Gus holding a chicken thing, Walt Jr. on his crutches, and even (my favorite of the people), the creepy-ass Salamanca Cousins complete with an ax. It would be cool if they added a Skyler, Hank and Marie. And of course Tio.

All of the pictures are slightly, wonderfully disturbing and I just can’t get over how freakin’ cool it is. And how detailed. Like Breaking Bad itself.

Click here to visit the imgur page with all the images.

Tio’s Bell

Another cool thing that’s been going on in the world of fan made Breaking Bad art is Breaking Gifs. Artist fans create and sell these posters of memorable scenes so it’s a cool way for the artists to get some exposure and to acquire some BrBa related decor. They go really fast though. Often by the time you realize a new poster has been released, they’re all sold out. Another cool thing they have going on is that there are clues. Before a new one gets released they’ll post little clues about the unveiling, or they’ll direct you to different links (for example, an audio interview with Bob Odenkirk), so it’s just really fun to explore.

If I were to try to purchase one (it was sold out by the time I saw it so it was never possible), it would probably be the one of Jesse from the end of Season 3. The red just really stands out to me in that one, and I really have a thing about red.

The latest thing I saw was a Breaking Bad Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Walter White’s Heisen-brrr-g Crunch. So cool.

There are also some Breaking Bad paper dolls. And later, after the cast found out about the dolls, actor Giancarlo Esposito wanted a parer doll of Gus.

For just all kinds of BrBa related art, from Walter White’s head in Breaking Bad quotes to Jesse and Walt as Beavis and Butthead, check out The Heizenberg Effect. There are so many fans doing such cool artistic tributes to the show. I’m lovin’ it.

And now onto some videos. If you search “Breaking Bad” on Youtube, you get about 71,900 results. I don’t really want to guess how many of those I’ve watched (too many) but there are a select few I just have to share.

The first is the POV video. BrBa is known for its unique camera angles–from the insides of frying pans, vents, vats, dryers–and someone put together a compilation. There are a few shots that could be seen as spoilers here but nothing overly revealing, and the way they’re edited together, you wouldn’t be able to discern any major plot points.

The second characteristic type of shot the show is known for is the time lapse, so here’s a bunch of those all compiled together, some directly from the show, some created. The cinematography on Breaking Bad is just breathtaking. No real spoilers here.

And here is a recap of Seasons 1-4 set to the music and style of Requiem for a Dream. Love it! This one has the most spoilers if you’re not caught up.

~Emilia J

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