Tarot Cards for the Remaining Characters on Breaking Bad

So this was a little fun idea that was inspired by a few people over at the AMC BrBa board–Kathy, Schmeisenberg and Lydia’s Shoes–why not try reading tarot cards for the characters who are left and see if that’s indication of their fate in the next episode? Of course they aren’t real, but their stories are more finite than most things one might attempt to pick up using esoteric tools. I used to read cards all the time, so why the fuck not?

And just in case it’s not abundantly clear, this is totally in fun, not serious. Just playing around. So let’s do it.

Character Tarot Readings for “Granite State”

MARIE – Victory (Six of Wands)

tarot-marieindexThat was a bit surprising. I don’t expect anyone to be feeling victorious in tonight’s episode, especially Marie, considering her husband has just died. This could pertain to an “I was right!” type feeling. Maybe in her grief, she is enjoying one-upping Skyler somehow? There is definitely a sense of pride going on here. There could also be some righteous anger. Can’t let go of the poisoning idea even though I can’t see how it would come into play. But whether it does or not, perhaps Marie will “win” somehow tonight? Or it’s all just hogwash.

SKYLER – Knight of Discs

tarot-skylerimagesThis card actually fits Skyler very well. The knight of discs is pragmatic, steady, solid, concerned with the little details that add up to building a future. The knight of discs is savvy and careful about matters of money, again always focused towards building a future. This indicates acting out of logic and practicality and not so much out of emotion. We might see some calculated moves on Sky’s part, that shrewd intellect of hers leading the way. Skysenberg may be at it again. To me this card doesn’t necessarily indicate an outcome so much as a mindset. I think she’ll be using that big brain of hers to deal with things the best way she can for the long-term benefit. Maybe that will mean playing into what Walt set up in that call, or maybe it will mean fessing up everything she knows if that’s what’ll be best for the kids, or maybe it could mean floating Walt’s false confession (doesn’t seem likely though). The point is, if there’s anything to this, Sky will be acting out of logic and reasoned thought rather than emotion. And she has that potential in her, big-time.

WALTER – Fortune

tarot-waltindexThis is a major arcana card, which means it carries more energy than some of the others. It’s stronger and has more impact and the aspect indicated in the card lasts longer and speaks to a deeper transformation. The Fortune card can be thought of as divine intervention or karma, and I have a feeling it’ll be the latter. Walt may be dealing with even more karmic fallout from his actions, and in a way that catches up with him moreso than before. I believe it will not be because of anything he’s directly doing now, but based on things in the past. There’s also a sense of coincidence with this card, like the Universe (or whatever) is giving messages. So it’s likely more bad shit will pile up as a result of what he’s done, but also that it could come up in other ways, like weird reminders of his crimes popping up and making him face things. I think this will be the episode where Walt wrestles with his karma.

LYDIA – Prince of Swords

tarot-lydiaimagesThis one sorta made me laugh because this card often indicates that a younger male comes into the picture and brings a sense of freshness and freedom, like previous obstacles and restrictions can be obliterated. There’s a new sense of freedom, of breathing easier, because of this person’s influence. It’s not usually a romantic influence though, more like someone who catalyzes a change in mindset. For Lydia, this would be Jesse, right? He comes along and the cook gets better and she’s no longer in such a bind with her buyers, overwhelmed by all the moving pieces. So she can breathe easier. I’m guessing based on this she discovers that Jesse’s being held as a cook slave.

JESSE – Ace of Swords

tarot-jesseindexThe Ace of Swords indicates clarity of mind. So I think it’s safe to say that miserable as he is, he won’t be allowed to dip into the product. But it’s more than that–the ace of swords means that he’s seeing things clearly. No illusions, no cloudiness. He’s not painting his situation as any better or worse than it is. This actually gives me hope because this is not the card of someone who’s totally broken but perhaps someone who’s pulling their shit together, who’s self-aware and able to apprise situations honestly. Swords is the suit of the Mind, and sometimes this card indicates a new project in academia or writing–in the case of Jesse Pinkman, I think it may indicate the seeds of a plan. I think his mental state will be okay. Wouldn’t there be something sort of funny if Jesse’s imprisonment actually helps him sober up for real and somehow rebuild himself? I see his mind getting stronger here.

TODD – Ace of Wands

tarot-toddimagesSimmer down there, sparky! This would be an interesting turn for Todd because the Ace of Wands can indicate a flood of creativity, passion…or anger. I actually see it being the last one, that’s just what it “felt” like when I turned over the card. That would be surprising because Todd hasn’t shown much emotion at all, and out of anyone so far, he’s gotten the most emotionally-charged card. (Well, depending on how the karma presents itself and how Walt reacts to it, his could be also.) Might we see Todd show some angry feelings? Erupt a little and stop being damned polite? If I had to guess what might inspire this, it’s that he makes the cook better for Lydia and she’s still just not that into him.

JUNIOR – Truce (Four of Swords)

tarot-juniorimagesThis probably felt the most fitting. It indicates that he has a lot to say to someone, like he needs to have a confrontation to call someone (hmm I wonder who?) on their shit and say this is not cool, this is not okay, and so on. But a lot of times this card also indicates delay and postponement, so either he gets separated from both his parents, or it’s really directed at Walt. I don’t think he’ll get to confront Walt or talk to him at all really, in this episode. But he has a lot he wants to say and that can build up. Basically he might feel a little powerless and frustrated, or even depressed. There’s a lack of things moving forward or resolving.

HOLLY – Worry (Five of Discs)

tarot-hollyimagesUmmm, okay. So this one usually means worry around practical things–money, job, housing, health–which would be strange to ascribe to a baby. So maybe Holly is worried about things like why am I not getting fed and where dad, or it’s indicating other people worrying about her practical things. Others might worry or argue over where she will live, whether or not she should or can get any of Walt’s money for her future, who’s going to take care of her, that sort of thing. In an old deck I used to use, this card had more of a feeling of separation, showed someone looking over a gate longingly, so there may be some sort of separation with her and her family. Social services or something?

JACK – The Chariot

tarot-jackimagesThis has to be the most positive card that anyone’s gotten so far, goddammit! And like Walt’s “Fortune” card, this one is also a major arcana, or trump card. It basically indicates that things are going pretty smoothly. There may be some bumps in the road (getting that tape) but for now, he’s feeling like he’s on a great path, has momentum, things are moving forward. He may even feel like he’s just going to ride off into the sunset and get away with everything. He’s got Walt’s barrels, and the money they’ll make through the blue meth and Lydia, and this card would indicate he’s going to feel like he’s in the clear in regards to the deaths of Hank and Gomez–I don’t know about immediately, that could be the rough bumps in the road phase–but I think that by the end of the episode or whenever Walt comes back to waste him, Jack’s going to be caught unawares, feeling all happy-go-lucky and in one hell of a good mood.

SAUL – Wealth (Ten of Discs)

tarot-saulimagesYeah, so Saul, he’s got tons of resources and if anyone makes it out of this with money, it’s him. He’s going to make it and up in a better situation than anyone.

All in all I think they turned out way too uneventful and kind of…boring to ever really fit with a Breaking Bad episode. But still fun to play with!

~Emilia J

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