Where Did All the Little Kid Go? – Sour Milk 7

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“Yeah.” I examine my nails. “Do you ever wonder where all that youthful fun went?”

“It’s been a long year away at college.”

“And a cold winter,” I agree.

I think of things, memories, those wonderfully long summer nights we spent rocking out. I don’t need to see the photo to replay the scene. They started a band, the guys did. Everyone except Steve wanted me to sing for them. Steve hated my voice, which was fine because I hated his drumming even more. So we’d argue, then one of us would tell all the others to shut up. Then we’d plug in all the instruments and crank it up. None of them knew how to play and I certainly couldn’t sing, but it was a complete blast. Of course my parents didn’t always enjoy the ambush of sludge, but that didn’t bother us any.

“Is it me, or has everything changed?” he asks quietly, breaking the silence of our thoughts.


Bonus points if you know where this title comes from. The album is from 1994. A previous album from the same band had a (fictional, presumably) story about a girl poisoning her parents to get to a show. Or something like that.


Next Installment: You Think You Know Somebody

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