Help Me Design a Movie Poster!

screenwritingAll right, you awesome, smart and creative readers, I’d love your input!

I’m taking a screenwriting class, and we’re supposed to design a movie poster for the project we’re working on. And I would love some help brainstorming on this!

It has to have:

  • A title
  • An image
  • A tagline (one sentence enticing description of the film, like what you see on a DVD cover)

And for those that don’t know how to use any graphic design programs (like me, visual art is so not my strong suit), we just have to describe it.

The problem? I don’t have a title yet, or an image, or a tagline! Ooops!

So here is the basic scenario of the screenplay I’m working on. If you can think of an image, title or tagline, please share ideas in the comments.

Lily, a 21-year-old girl with a disability moves across country to escape her oppressive home life and moves in with strangers in a seedy part of Seattle, where she struggles to survive on her own. After false starts, job leads falling through and impending eviction, it looks like all is lost. She has a choice: either return home or be homeless.

This is based on something from my real life. Aspects will be changed to make it better fit a screenplay but overall it follows something I actually experienced at 21 in a seedy section of Seattle. It just fit too well into screenplay structure to not use.

So, yes! Any ideas for titles, images or taglines that might go along with this story would be awesome! If you come up with something that I end up using, I will find a way to put you or something that represents you in the screenplay, like using your name for one of the characters, something to acknowledge the appreciation.


5 thoughts on “Help Me Design a Movie Poster!

  1. I can sort of imagine the general mood it should have — like the promotional posters for Q’orianka Kilcher’s TV movie about the girl in juvenile prison. An image similar in tone of Lily in some grungy setting in Seattle, looking abandoned and lost…

    • It’s funny, just before I saw your comment, I was thinking something along the same lines, playing up the whole seedy Seattle thing. I kind of want it to have a gritty feel.

      I feel like maybe I’ve underplayed that in what I’ve written so far, but in the real life story, it was gritty. The place where I was living was a crazy situation, and the area was just shitty. Twice, I was offered crack. Both times, I had my roommate’s two year old child with me.

      Then again, my other roommate and I later took up skulking around the 7-11 to buy pot…

      That also sounds like an interesting TV movie to check out.


  2. I found you by accident. First, if you haven’t already, pull up Microsoft Word, new page. Open the blank document and go to on-line pictures on top right. Click and open the category you’re looking for, i.e, flowers, alleys, etc. This’ll give you an opportunity to play with various images that you think might work on the poster. It’s amazing how many images come to mind when you do this.

    I know I’m 7 months behind you assignment, buy I thought I’d post anyway. Frank

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