Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC

April writes short stories, longer fiction, screenplays, TV scripts, personal essays and memoir. Her writing has appeared in The Sun, Shark Reef and in a Rolling Stone writing contest. Her public readings include “The Best Memoirists Pageant Ever” at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.

When she’s not writing, April is a full-time science student and part-time tutor. She’s worked as a writing coach, copy-editor, fiction writing teacher and as a tarot card reader.

April still prefers to write longhand first because she loves the feel of pen and paper. She sees letters as different colors in her mind, and so writing for her is a lot like painting. Her first rule of writing is to be real, raw and “ruthless with truth.”


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Just found your blog. Loved the post breaking down that it was Saul who must have gotten the poison to Brock. (Just linked to it on a recap). You are awesome. Great blog.

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