Here’s where you can cyberstalk me:

Twitter: EmiliaJordan5

Facebook: EmiliaJordan5

LinkedIn Profile: EmiliaJordan5

And here are some other blogs and people you should be cyberstalking because they’re awesome:


Jill McCabe Johnson

Orcas Artsmith Blog

Elissa Bassist

Happily Even After

Battered Hive

Planet of the Blind and Stephen Kuusisto

Live Fearless Lee

Grey Matter – blog from the writers of Grey’s Anatomy, a post (at least) for every episode up through Season 7.

The Blindo Diaries

Breaking Bad Related

Breaking Bad AMC blog/forum thingamajig

The Heizenberg Effect

Tucker’s Hole

Blindness and Albinism Info Links

NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation)

Positive Exposure – The Spirit of Difference

National Federation of the Blind

Albinism in Pop Culture

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