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A Bummer, A New Feature, An Opportunity and Quick Updates (all Breaking Bad Related)


Let’s do the sad news first.

Yesterday tickets went onsale for the Breaking Bad series finale event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and I couldn’t get tickets. I had two browsers going, but it just went from “not onsale yet” to “none available” with one click of the refresh button. I’m having a hard time shaking how bummed I felt after that. I’ve actually been keeping track of details about the event since the first whispers about it came out in February, and during this summer when more info was coming out, I always kept a page on my phone open to a google search for updates.

I imagined watching the finale under the stars in a cemetery (I mean can you get any cooler than that?) with a good friend in LA I haven’t seen in years, maybe meeting up with some of the AMC forum folks I’ve been chatting and discussing episodes with for all this time. It all sounded so magical. And when I found out there would be a Q&A with the cast and writers, it couldn’t get any better. I could picture it all, then coming home to write all about it here. It would be the perfect icing to writing about the final episode. Continue reading