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Breaking Bad Episode 302 “Caballo Sin Nombre”

eGNxc2MxMTI=_o_breaking-bad-03-02---caballo-sin-nombrepart-1mar-28“It’s like Michelangelo won’t paint.” Saul on Walt staying out of the meth game.

And Walt, so far, is still out. And being out no longer sits so well with Walter White. The last time Walt declared he was out, to Jesse after getting his remission diagnosis, he got all weird and aggro at the party and was generally bored and in need of distraction (all that fixing up different stuff in the house) until he got his Heisenberg back by telling those guys to stay out of his territory. This time, after turning down Gus’s verrrrry tempting offer, he gets all aggro and irrational with a cop. Now that Walt has somewhat become this Heisenberg guy, he’s a little lost when he gives that up.

How long can it really last?

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