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Awesomely Creative Fan-Made Breaking Bad Media

…that really freakin’ rocks.

Okay, I HAVE to start with this one because it’s just too cool. Someone made all these Breaking Bad scenes out of Legos. Most of them focus on the dearly departed meth superlab, but the RV is also there. There’s Walt and Jesse in their meth-making cook suits, Gus holding a chicken thing, Walt Jr. on his crutches, and even (my favorite of the people), the creepy-ass Salamanca Cousins complete with an ax. It would be cool if they added a Skyler, Hank and Marie. And of course Tio.

All of the pictures are slightly, wonderfully disturbing and I just can’t get over how freakin’ cool it is. And how detailed. Like Breaking Bad itself.

Click here to visit the imgur page with all the images.

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