MCAT Results

I just realized I never updated my site with the results.

Scores for my test date came out on Oct 27th, a little bit after noon and very soon after I got off of work. I was still at my workplace (a tutoring center) and everyone was busy, so I was just walking around the office, pulling up the scores on my phone.

Here are the results:
IMG_1239Needless to say, I’m over the moon about my score. And hugely relieved that I don’t need to tackle this beast of a test ever again.

I’m also really, really grateful to all the people who helped with this, and all the events that fell into place, like winning a prep course I never could’ve afforded, my boss letting me basically take the month before the test completely off, the people who helped me get accommodations, all the people who helped me understand physics better, all the people who were understanding when I wasn’t all that available this summer and early fall, the people who knew exactly when a much-needed break was mandatory and invited me out to do things, all the encouragement and support that people around me offered (via text, long phone calls, emails, conversations), all the professors that gave me a solid background in the sciences, and whatever luck allowed me to get a verbal score that was better than my practice tests.

When I got my score, I was in shock. I won’t lie, I expected to get a good score, I knew I had solid understanding of the subjects (tutoring a lot of them was a major help), but there seemed to be so many factors in all of the sections that I really was preparing myself to get a lower score than predicted, and had told myself I would not retake anything over a 510. So  to get a score that high, I was kind of in shock. I still remember after I first checked it, trying to write my first text to tell someone and my hands shaking so much I couldn’t get the text out right away.

This past weekend, I celebrated with a karaoke party, which was a total blast!

Who knows what will be next?


12 thoughts on “MCAT Results

  1. With class…a score that high requires some strong analytical skills. The ability to read and synthesize info quick is so critical on the new MCAT. Do you have a research background?

  2. I recall the MCAT from 1985. There was no internet back then and no prep books really existed, save one. I am grateful that absolutely nothing on the MCAT related to medical school. I am convinced that this idiotic exam is a tool to separate those who are dedicated enough to pass decently from those whose poor work ethic prevents prevents their success.

    The MCAT represents a rite of passage. Once that exam is in the rearview mirror, one can move on to the true education of becoming a physician. The profound privilege of caring for human beings: of ushering in life and witnessing the final moments as death approaches — these are the experiences which far eclipse the stress of MCAT preparation.

    From reading your blog I am uncertain as to whether you desire to go to medical school. Is it the preparation and %tile rankings of pre-medical courses and exams which capture your fancy? If you do hope to attend medical school you will discover that no amount of studying and “acing” tests will ever prepare you for the awesome challenge of caring for an ill patient and their family.

    I am certain that I am not your only reader who would like to hear more about what drives you to want to enter in the ancient healing art of medicine. I look forward to learning more about that aspect of your journey.

  3. I know this is old, but can you tell me what books you used for studying?

    Did you use any test prep books or how did you review?

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