Here are descriptions of some current fiction pieces.


Dark As Roses

Dark Rose

Iris resents her psychic ability and hides it from everyone she meets at college. She goes through the motions of writing an anonymous advice column for a school paper and majoring in psychology while harboring a secret love of art. Then a letter Iris receives for her advice column turns her world upside-down and forces her to confront her special ability. Iris must decide whether to embrace her power or to run from it.

Here are some excerpts

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Three kids, somewhat tormented by their Sunday School teacher, decide to test a cautionary scary story that she tells them about a spinning bathroom gateway to Hell. Lizzie, the ringleader and troublemaker of the group, goads them into visiting the bathroom, sure that the adults are making it up.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Eclipsed Heart

Best friends Judith and Renee work at a record store and discuss their boy troubles. When tension in both of their love situations heat up for both girls, Renee suggests that they take acid to access their subconscious minds’ solutions to their love problems. While tripping, they encounter a fairy godmother, wish on eclipses, then go home to watch their situations unravel even further, until in separate ways, they take their fates into their own hands.

I’m currently reworking this story into a screenplay.

Sour Milk

Sara returns after her first year of college to reconnect with her twin brother Steve. They compare their more serious lives now to the dramatic, urgent adolescence when everything was desperate. Sara and Steve try to recapture some of their youthful vitality.

I posted this, serially, on this site, so here’s the story, in thirteen short pieces:


Moon and Passing Time

In a clearing at night, two hundred years in the future, a girl meets a boy. The only problem is that the boy has to leave on his uncle’s spaceship, never to return in the girl’s lifetime. After he’s gone, the forlorn girl only goes out at night when she can at least pretend to look for her love’s spaceship in the sky. On the first full moon since his departure, the boy’s soul materializes and tempts her to join him where souls dwell.


I have some novel ideas floating around, one of which I might dive into for NaNoWriMo. I’ve taken a long break from long fiction and want to get back into it. There also may or may not be some “novels” from early high school and college years floating around on my site.

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