A Bummer, A New Feature, An Opportunity and Quick Updates (all Breaking Bad Related)


Let’s do the sad news first.

Yesterday tickets went onsale for the Breaking Bad series finale event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and I couldn’t get tickets. I had two browsers going, but it just went from “not onsale yet” to “none available” with one click of the refresh button. I’m having a hard time shaking how bummed I felt after that. I’ve actually been keeping track of details about the event since the first whispers about it came out in February, and during this summer when more info was coming out, I always kept a page on my phone open to a google search for updates.

I imagined watching the finale under the stars in a cemetery (I mean can you get any cooler than that?) with a good friend in LA I haven’t seen in years, maybe meeting up with some of the AMC forum folks I’ve been chatting and discussing episodes with for all this time. It all sounded so magical. And when I found out there would be a Q&A with the cast and writers, it couldn’t get any better. I could picture it all, then coming home to write all about it here. It would be the perfect icing to writing about the final episode.

And the timing was perfect. Classes and work start up September 30, the day after the finale, and if I missed the first day of biochem, physical chem and quantitative analysis because I was flying home from LA, it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t miss much. And I’ll probably be a wreck anyway, what with the incredible ride that is Breaking Bad being over. Usually the school year starts a week earlier, so it would’ve been harder to make up anything I missed (not that it would have stopped me from going had I gotten tix) but this late start seemed like the Universe’s way of saying, yes, this will happen for you.

But here’s where I need to check my hubris at the door, a lesson I should’ve learned from Walter White. I was really, really confident, maybe bordering on cocky, that I’d get tickets. It wasn’t a question of “if” in my mind. I don’t even know why because I’m usually much, much more cautiously optimistic about getting difficult tickets. And maybe if I’d been a little more down-to-earth and humbler in my expectations, I wouldn’t be feeling quite so crushed by the disappointment.

Ahhh, I’m just having a hard time giving up on the idea. I’m going to look on stubhub periodically just in case anything comes up, and enter the raffle at omaze, but at least with the latter, I do it knowing the chances are beyond, like, unicorn rare.

All right, just had to get that outta my system and whine a little. Sad face. Just can’t shake it quite yet.


Okay, so in the last few weeks, some of you guys have been wanting to comment on the new episodes before I get my review posted. This is awesome. It’s been so great to have more discussion and dissection going! I was thinking that to keep the conversations going and easier to follow, I’ll start putting up a “Live Chat” post for the episodes–a place where anyone can write anything about the new episodes as they air. That way all the discussion coming out during or right after the episode can stay in one place.

So on Sunday night I’ll try this out with a “Live Chat” post for “To’hajiilee” and I hope people will join in the fun!


This one’s for all you Breaking Bad addicts out there. There may be a way to turn your obsession with the show into some fat stacks, so start putting on the green eye shade.

Geeks Who Drink – Breaking Bad Pub Quiz

It’s happening in 15 cities, all on Sept 25th and you play for cash. Sounds like a total freakin’ blast.

I might actually go to the Seattle one if I can find some teammates. Fair warning: I’m usually a pretty peaceful person but I can get totally riled up by competition and my inner Heisenberg may emerge. Play to win, yo!

By the way, how awesome is it that there’s something called Geeks Who Drink? That alone makes my day.

And if anyone asks how much you’ve been drinking, after you start getting rowdy and yelling, “Yeah bitch, magnets!” a few too many times, the only correct answer is, “Not nearly enough.”


As I mentioned, there’s been some increased traffic in the last few weeks, and tons of great comments, emails, etc, and I’m just having a little trouble wading through it all. So I apologize for delays in responding to people. It’s nothing personal; there’s just only so much one girl can do in limited time with lots of other obligations. This might be especially true as I’ll be away most of the weekend (back for the episode though, watching with my crew at my place as always) and early next week I’ll be occupied with yearly work training sessions (and I’ll be leading parts of it). Anyway, I welcome all the amazing input that’s been coming in, and hope you all will keep it coming, even if I can’t always keep up with everything right away! I still read and appreciate it all, and plan to address everything in time.

And holy shit! I’m in 18th place on BettingBad! Would be even closer to the top if I had checked the “Jesse finds out about Brock” option which I really thought I had but somehow messed up.

Just got Jesse’s Hello Kitty ringtone, which you can find here. Thank you Rewindo at the AMC BrBa forum! And yes, before you say it, I know I need help.

So, roll me further, bitch.

~Emilia J

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